Venus Technology (FE) Pte Ltd


A German / Singaporean joint venture company –was founded in 1990 to develop the tremendous potential of electronic sanitary fittings. The company’s heritage stems from two regional companies with over 40 years of experiences in the design, manufacture, sales, installation and servicing of water handling equipment. The company develops sensor-operated fittings for public and commercial building lavatories; the company has been adapting the German- Technology and Singapore-Made concept to this day.

In 1998 the company was restructured and renamed Venus Technology (FE) Pte Ltd. In view of their products commercial applications, Venus assures that not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but also easy to install, reliable, functional, easy to maintain and value for money.



Under the keen leadership of Managing Director, Mr. Ng Soo Kok, Roy and Senior Consultant, Dr. Bai Shi Yin, the company aims to be a leading global supplier of innovative, high performance, intelligent, unique sanitary fittings and washroom accessories, which are full of positive force and positive energy with water-saving and power-saving in mind.

Venus’ mission is to spread positive energy and reduce wastage through their water and energy efficiency products. The company is committed to strive for excellence in the quality of their products and services, pledging their full support to ensure your project runs smoothly. Their motto is “Responding To Needs, Surpassing Expectations”.



The company’s wide range of products include sensor wall-mounted faucets, sensor deck mounted facets, sensor flush valves from WC and urinals, selfclosing wall-mounted faucets, stainless steel grab bars, nylon anti-bacterial grab bars, baby changing station, shower folding seats, hand dryers, toilet paper holders, sensor and manual soap dispensers, multipurpose bathroom fittings and accessories.



Drawing from the expertise of specialist engineers and their talented team, Venus has the confidence and ability to design, produce and market superior ranges of sanitary fittings and bathroom accessories. The company’s biggest strength is a closely-knit team of Singaporeans and expatriates, both sharing the same passion for excellence and an almost religious devotion to professionalism.