Unipro Software Pte Ltd


Mr Iqbal Abdul Aleem, born in a small village in India is now the Managing Director and CEO of Unipro Group of Companies. In 2002, while working for a software solutions company, Mr Aleem saw potential in extending their services. As he found much opposition, he took the bold approach with the support of his colleague to quit their jobs and set up their own firm. It was tough, as funds were short and everything from programming to marketing had to be done by the two partners. Mr Aleem knew there was no turning back when he secured his first client.



Innovation has been a key factor behind Mr. Aleem’s success. With an R&D office in India, he strives to continually introduce new technologies and solutions to the market. One such new technology he introduced is the RFID (Radio-frequency identification); RFID is a tracking system that uses intelligent barcodes to track items in a store. The RFID communicates to a networked system to track every product that you buy. With intelligent B2B & B2C solutions from Unipro, it’s easier to meet the demands of the Retail/FMG industry. The company is one of the certified e-business standard implementer for supply chain solutions in Singapore.



In the same year they started their first overseas operations and established over 50 multi chain customers in this industry, Unipro implemented the ERP solution for Sheng Siong. Since then, Unipro systems are installed in various industries from hypermarket to business intelligence tools. The company is in partnership with Dell, Lenovo, IBM, Microsoft and Hewlett Packard and also with Starhub in service industry. As an award winning company, Unipro is one of the certified e-business standard implementer. They have achieved an approximate annual turnover of $6.8 million every year.



Unipro goes by the following mission – To enable organisations of all sizes to face the challenges of the future through enhanced productivity by exploiting technologies of tomorrow.

Their vision is to be the leading bar-coding solutions provider by maintaining long term relationships with their customers, thus creating brand loyalty towards their products and services.

As the next strategic step, Unipro will be expanding the business into other EMEA and South Asia regions. At the same time, Unipro will also be establishing the ISO for service excellence and becoming a publiclisted company in the next three years – IPO.