Supreme Components International Pte Ltd


Supreme Components International (SCI), headquartered in Singapore, is a worldwide franchised distributor of high technology electronic components, semiconductors, IC’s and LEDs. With offices in India and Thailand, SCI not only serves customers globally with its 24-hour operation center based in Singapore, but also provides on-theground reach within these critical growth markets.



Today, the team’s insight and proficiency with technological innovations drive deeper value for customers in product design and development. Commitment to “adding value at the speed of thought” has cultivated solid partnerships with their vast network of customers and suppliers.



With over 40 years expertise in this industry, Mr. Vick Aggarwala, SCI’s President and CEO, has actively nurtured a team of dedicated, passionate staff from 10 different countries, speaking 12 different languages. Understanding people and the cultural nuances of conducting business internationally whilst facilitating ease of conversation with customers and suppliers are core values at the heart of the company.



SCI’s exponential growth has seen tremendous publicity in the news and has been recognized as a ‘Multiple Award Winning Singapore Brand’. The company has been presented both “Enterprise 50” and “Singapore 1000” accolades over the years, and Mr. Vick himself has been bestowed the “Singapore Indian Entrepreneur” and “Entrepreneur of the Year” awards. Mr. Vick is not only a sought after expert within the industry, but also a keen guest speaker in seminars and tradeshows delivering powerful insights on business and entrepreneurship.

With an eye on the future, SCI is examining further company expansion in key regions Europe and North America as a stepping-stone to becoming a major electronic component distributor in the world. While SCI continues to focus its efforts on selling and promoting energy efficient products and solutions like LED lighting, its new growth area is IoT (Internet of Things) – a revolutionary network that profoundly impacts every one of our lives daily.