Sozoluz Clinique Pte Ltd


The words “Sozoluz Clinique” come from three distinct languages. “Sozo” means “to save” in Greek, “Luz” is the word “light” in Spanish, and “Clinique” is French for “clinic.” Altogether, our name is translated into English as “The Sa ving Light Clinic.”



In the conceptualisation of the name, my wife, daughter, and I, wanted something that was practical. I felt it was appropriate as anyone who suffers from a disease, chronic condition, or sickness, searches for the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. Everyone is looking for a cure, but the solution often proves itself elusive, painful, and costly. Many are lost in their search for treatment with only the hope of healing to lead them on. This hope is at the core of what makes Sozoluz Clinique so unique. We partner with our patients to offer a solution where others could not in the following areas of: chronic wounds, heart diseases, hypertension, pain management, and metatarsus adductus (commonly known as club foot deformation).



In our day and age, the prevalence of diabetes, poor blood circulation, and the resulting venous ulcers and bedsores, prove a long-term burden to carry for both the sufferers and their families and friends. At Sozoluz Clinique, we can shed some “saving light” in the form of a tangible solution for many suffering from chronic wounds.

Sozoluz Clinique offers Heart Disease and Hypertension sufferers an early and low cost option of heart assessment that takes the patient a mere five minutes, sans the unpractical need to undress during testing. We are able to now manage Hypertension with better accuracy in determining the cause of the patient’s high blood pressure and prescribing the correct treatments.



What we have mentioned above is only a small portion of what we offer our patients today. Sozoluz Clinique also utilizes the immense resources of the international medical community in bringing our patients the very best of medical innovations. We offer modern treatments for the diseases and sicknesses that plague the everyday people of today. In the end, everything we do is based on a trust filled relationship between patient and doctor.