Harry’s Intl Pte Ltd


Harry’s story began in 1992 with its humble flagship store located by the iconic Singapore River. Over the years, it has grown to become the most well-established dining and bar chain in this little red dot. An urban living room home to many, one is never too far away from Harry’s to bask in its good vibes with an extensive menu offering gourmet treats perfectly coupled with ice cold delights to enjoy. The unique charm of Harry’s makes it perfect for everyone’s stylish urban escape.



The dynamic team of Harry’s is dedicated to being the best dining and bar establishment in Singapore and beyond, for every guest every day. Passionate individuals come together as one in the pursuit of excellence for their guests; promising a comfortable and inviting environment to unwind with quality food and beverages. Harry’s also strongly believe in consistently improving and innovating exciting offerings to curate to their guests’ needs.



Committed to bringing guests the best dining and bar experiences with quality choices to enjoy, Harry’s rebranded itself in 2014, giving the 23-year old chain a fresh new look and charm. Today, the chic establishment welcomes guests to dine and unwind in style, with unique architectural quirks that pays homage to its heritage.

Harry’s also expanded and made its first foray into the international scene in 2013 in India. The award winning dining and bar establishment aims to continue its expansion plans, creating global footprints and bringing its carefully executed gourmet delights and ice cold treats to guests all around the world.



With its wealth of experience, the stylish dining and bar establishment have also brought its great vibes to many large-scale events through its catering arm. Harry’s enthusiasm in providing impeccable service created great memories for its guests on several occasions. Be it a lively party bringing together over 30,000 like-minded individuals such as BeerFest Asia, or a heart-pounding race with more than 20,000 spectators like the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix, or even a closed-door event for professionals such as Singapore’s Economic Development Board, Harry’s will continue to cater its warm and efficient service for every occasion.