Genpower Asia Pte Ltd


Genpower was founded in Turkey in the year 2000. The business took off soon after and was a huge success, spurring its business to expand and venture into the Middle East, Russia and Turkic Republics Within 10 years, a market share of 30% was acquired within its region, allowing Genpower to make a strategic move to expand to Asia Pacific, whilst identifying Singapore as it’s the regional hub for Asia Pacific.



Genpower is the manufacturer of Diesel powered generators, products ranging from 5kWh to 5mW. The company has developed very special products specifically for the power generations in the Telco industries. At the same time, very unique rental power solutions are provided to power large-scaled international events that require quick and reliable power. All products are certified and tested by reputable international institutes.



The easy access and financial stability in Singapore gave Genpower the opportunities to expand exponentially within S.E.A, by acting as a central product distribution hub. Genpower also made the strategic decision by moving its production to India, allowing the business to provide highly competitive pricing, shorter lead-time in logistics and meet production deadlines.



A year after penetrating into Singapore, Genpower was able to secure an exclusive contract to power the worldwide Formula 1 Grand Prix in Singapore. It was by no easy feat that the event went smoothly, thanks to the teamwork by the highly professional team in Singapore. After successfully completing the first Grand Prix, Genpower was awarded the project for the second year. After which, the company had the privilege to secure the contract to sign on from 2013 – 2017.