BackJoy Asia Pte Ltd


BackJoy’s story began when Preston Willingham embarked on a road trip with his father, Jim, in 1984. The pain of sitting, however, forced Jim to lie on the back seat long before the trip was over. As an entrepreneur, inventor and nationally renowned sculptor, Preston invented his first patented “sitting device” in 1985 and saw what he described as a remarkable improvement in his father.

In 2005, Hollywood screenwriter and producer, Bing Howenstein, saw Preston’s product as the potential solution to back pain affecting numerous Americans. In the same year, Preston and Bing founded BackJoy Orthotics, LLC, propelling the company into the international market, with operations across multiple distribution channels in over 30 countries.



BackJoy’s SitSmart™, the supportive back orthotic, relieves back pressure by flexing and cradling your pelvis. This lightweight, portable device is developed with an auto-forming action and patented Active Stabilization Technology™ which automatically tilts, cups, and floats your pelvis upright helping you find your most balanced and comfortable position.



BackJoy strives to improve the world’s sitting, sleeping and standing posture with its patented technologies.

80% of American adult population experienced back pain at some point of their lives. The human body have been engineered for frequent movement, but prolonged hours are spent sitting in front of the computers in today’s society.

Nonetheless, back and neck aches can be easily prevented or relieved with an improved sitting posture. Mechanically-engineered to enhance the user’s posture, BackJoy’s patented posture products have drastically improved the daily lives of many around the world.



Aside from the initial SitSmart™ development, BackJoy’s other range of posture products can be categorized into 3 series – StandRight™, SleepSound™ and PostureWear™.

StandRight™ range of posture footwear enhances user’s posture from head to toe with BackJoy’s Active Stabilization™ technology. The Natural Gait Line System™ also stabilizes the heel to guide user’s foot in the correct walking motion.

Being the world’s only mechanically-patented pillow that self-adjusts while you sleep, the SleepSound™ pillow provides optimal posture, comfort and support in any sleeping position.

Last but not least, BackJoy also took a step ahead to develop PostureWear™. It strategically alters the position of targeted areas of the body by pulling the shoulders back and correctly aligning the spine to enhance posture, comfort and performance in the user’s active lifestyle.