Alreimis Creations Pte Ltd


Alreimis Creations believes that ordinary things found in their daily lives can be revolutionary in terms of fashion, design and fun. Alreimis specialises in sourcing everyday items but with a touch of design and sophistication for all ages. Their business caters to the middle-professional class with a home and lifestyle affluent. Alreimis simplified minimalist company image appeals to customers who are seeking for products that have a touch of “Modern, Appeal & Comfort”.



Today, Alreimis has also started distribution of Craftholic merchandises into Indonesia and Thailand. With a structured business model and proven track record, Alreimis will seek out to woo new business ventures to establish many more successful brands into Singapore in future. The company will continue to expand the Craftholic brand under its leadership through online & social media channels, licensing collaboration businesses, influencing product R&D and increasing distribution into the South East Asia markets.



Alreimis is to distinguish themselves from their competitors with constant up-to-date product ranges, excellent pricing through direct manufacturer connections and superior customer services. Alreimis believes in prudent business expansion through insights and networking in the Singapore retail industry. They believe that efficiency in retail operations and creative customer relationship management are key to creating an ideal exciting shopping experience. Alreimis is a people-centric company emphasizing diligence, discipline and excellence in producing happy employees that creates happy customers to generate happy sales revenue.



Learning the relevance is everything that makes Alreimis a growing and sustainable organisation. With their know-how in retail space & staff optimization, logistics and supply-chain management, overheads are kept to a minimum.

The company actively monitors and brings changes to enhance the working environment and the customer retail experience. The retail locations, timely store expansions and the carefully design interiors are important factors that maximize their profitability in the long run.