Chief Judge’s Message

In an age of rapid market development, where surprises and disruptions are common places, there are brands that have braved the waves and ebbs of an incredibly volatile market, and established themselves as champions of growth, creativity and innovation. Today, we are here to honour such outstanding organisations for their achievement in brand development, brand identity, and brand strategy.

The Asia Enterprise BRAND Awards features three major awards categories, each highlighting distinguished companies across a variety of different industries – yet united by their outstanding accomplishment in creating brand value.

The premier award of the Asia Enterprise BRAND Awards 2015 is the Grandeur award, which gives recognition to the most outstanding brands that have demonstrated consistent innovation, success and leadership. The Novateur award recognises companies for their thoughtful brand positioning and business success, providing these companies with the valuable recognition needed to achieve market leadership.

Lastly, the Vanguard award is conferred to organisations that demonstrate unique vision and potential for brand growth.

Additionally, we have six special awards categories that recognise companies across the retail, communication, hospitality, beauty, and food and beverage industries. These by-invitation-only awards comprised the Asia Retail Trailblazer Award, the APEX Communication BRAND Award, the Asia Heritage BRAND Award, the Asia Aspiring Meridian Award, the Asia Wellness Excellence Award and the Gastronomy Excellence BRAND Award.

We recognise and emphasise that having a good branding strategy will effectively set a company apart from its competitors. Despite not appearing on the company’s balance sheet, brands are one of the most valuable assets a company can own, helping companies secure its market share – providing a strong foundation for future growth. We know that branding goes far beyond a company’s logo and any single marketing campaign, instead, branding is an integral part of a company’s identity, manifesting in the way it serves its customers, stakeholders, and community.

Hence, our judging criteria reflect these essential attributes – an organisation’s brand identity, brand development, brand growth, brand innovation, brand communication, and corporate social responsibility. On behalf of my fellow judges, I wish to highlight that we were constantly impressed by the ambition, authenticity and sheer ingenuity exemplified by the submissions we received. In short, there were many exemplary entries in our field of candidates this year which made for a highly challenging selection process.

The winners of the inaugural Asia Enterprise BRAND Awards have been chosen for their focused, positive and aspirational messages that are clear reflections of commitment to serve their stakeholders. What these organisations have accomplished is nothing short of exceptional. These companies stand as prime examples of vision and creativity in the fields of marketing and branding, setting the bar to inspire the industry to new heights.

Please join me in congratulating the winners of the Asia Enterprise BRAND Awards 2015.


Mr. Ang Ser Keng
Award’s Chief Judge
AEBA Awards 2015