Yoshinoya is one of Japan’s largest restaurant chain companies and global brand with over 1,200 outlets worldwide. It is known for its quick service and the menu is based on fresh ingredients that are prepared daily and served in a variety of Rice Bowls, including its more than 100 year-old Beef Bowl (Gyūdon) recipe. It started it all in 1899 with a small shop in Nihonbashi Fish Market. Yoshinoya was founded by Mr. Eikichi Matsuda and was named after his hometown of Yoshino-Cho Osaka, Japan.

Yoshinoya’s founder, Mr. Eikichi Matsuda, first thought of the “Bull Horn” logo, using orange as the main colour, and has been adopted as Yoshinoya’s logo since 1899. The idea of the “Bull horn” logo was derived from the character ‘Y’ in Yoshinoya’s English name. The rope surrounding the horn represents the “Yokozuna” ranking (winner) in Japanese sumo wrestling, also representing the “Yokozuna” quality of our food. A ring of 27 rice grains encapsulates the rope and the horn and together, it translates to how Yoshinoya sells the “Best Beef Bowls”.

The trump dish of Yoshinoya is the Beef Bowl (Gyūdon) in Japanese and it comprises of thinly sliced U.S. imported beef simmered in a special broth and seasoned with a unique blend of savoury herbs and spices. For those who do not take Beef, Yoshinoya offers an alternative selection of Teriyaki Chicken, Salmon or Ebi Fry with secret-recipe sauces on fluffy premium Japanese short grain rice. These rice meals, topped with freshly cooked mixed vegetables, make a balanced meal and a nutritious alternative to the usual food court or fast-food fare.

A brand new experience awaits at Yoshinoya.

Yoshinoya’s new concept aims to immerse diners in a unique experience enjoying authentic Japanese mains from Japan, which includes the signature Gyūdon to traditional Japanese breakfast Tamago Kake Gohan. In continuity process of innovation and development, Yoshinoya strives to evolve and grow as an international recognised Beef Bowl Brand introducing new concepts and menus that bring diners to a whole new Japanese dining experience.

Yoshinoya’s motto is “Tasty, Quick and Affordable”. Tasty signifies high quality and services, Quick means promptness, swift execution and rapid turnover and affordable signify relative value for our customers.