Each time there’s an event to attend, founder Miss Ang found herself going about few places scouting for an evening wear. The $500–$1,000 pieces found themselves worn only once or twice-mileage too low, and efforts to source for/style these beautiful pieces, too high. If only there is a more time-efficient, practical and convenient way of dressing! Afterall, clothing is a one-off commodity. After throwing ideas with a few VC friends, and having a keen passion for curating beautiful selections and styling, Style Lease was set up early 2015.

In ‘leasing’ event-driven pieces and their curated style, Style Lease aims to reinvent retail to be smarter, to be more in line with our lifestyles.

Style Lease currently offers a selection of more than 300 occasion wear from over 60 labels for rent at a fraction. From wedding guests to gala attendees, the brand has everyone covered. Customers can opt to make the reservations online (back up pieces are delivered along with their orders), or drop by their show room for a browse-and-try session.

An edge to their brand, Style Lease is committed to ‘leasing’ style to all customers they serve. During fitting sessions, customers receive styling advice from staff, picking pieces best suited for the individuals. Customers can also expect a call for a short ‘best-fit’ conversation regarding the pieces they have selected if they have placed orders online.

Once pieces are reserved, everything from concierge to dry-cleaning is taken care of, so ladies can focus on the events.


Style Lease provides an avenue for discerning ladies to have access or to experiment with quality curated fashion, contemporary gowns and pieces. At the heart of the business is the current sharing-economy concept, where women can now have access to an unlimited closet without breaking the bank. The company also believes in fuss free, convenient experiences, where shopping can be done at a single point, or simply with a few clicks (online).

Style Lease believes strongly in continuously innovating and expanding the offerings under its ‘Style’ leasing lines to meet the needs of the customers.

From the humble flagship show room at East Coast Road, the company has since moved to the heart of the city, at Raffles Place, so busy working women can easily stop by. Over the past 3 months, they have also streamlined many operating processes (order bookings/delivery/tailoring), in a bid to provide a more fuss-free, pleasant experience for customers.

Besides expanding the occasion wear selection, Style Lease is bringing on board a few upmarket labels for customers looking at more luxurious selections. They are also currently looking at collaborations with local designers to create a ‘homegrown luxe’ selection. In the next few weeks, expect to see accessories, and also, winter selection on board. Exciting times ahead!

Style Lease aims to reinvent retail to be smarter, to be more in line with our lifestyles.