Since its incorporation in January 2008, our mission has been to equip, employ and empower persons with special needs into our restaurant and food production business.

With patience and tenacity, we have been able to emerge from a struggling social enterprise to a sustainable business. Today, thanks to SG Enable Ltd for their support and bigger premises at Enabling Village, we are able to showcase our beneficiaries’ abilities and viability to other F&B businesses, corporations and individuals in the hope that it will encourage them to understand their potential and value.

Much time is accorded to our staff team; for them to learn specific kitchen support skills, food preparation and customer service. And with that added time, they acquire the confidence and competence. We have been privileged by the opportunity to learn from them even as we train, supervise and work alongside them.

We create home-style modern European cuisine of good artisanal quality, prepared and served with care by our dedicated team of twelve, of which 9 have special needs and abilities. From soups to salads, sauces to desserts, delicious appetisers to delectable main courses – they are involved in the different stages of production and aspects of the business according to their readiness and skill levels. They receive hands-on, customised training even as it is broadly structured. They are our credible main workforce.

In their time at Soul Food, we want them to experience success as they are equipped, employed and empowered. We aspire for them to have self-esteem and confidence as well as a heightened degree of independence. That they may fully integrate as dignified, strong and productive citizens in Singapore.

Soul Food is a registered member of The Singapore Centre For Social Enterprise. We have tie-ups with SG Enable Ltd through the Open Door Program and the SG Enable Training Grant.

Absolutely excellent food which was thoughtfully well prepared, we say it even beat some of the fine dining places we been in Singapore. The service is warm, prompt and so lovely and we can’t wait to revisit again! To be honest, prior visiting, we thought we need to manage our expectation given it’s a social enterprise cafe but we were blown away. It’s quiet, cosy and of great value to dine here. Wish they opened to public over weekends!
– Karen Teo reviewed Soul Food Enterprise Pte Ltd on Facebook