Established in 1990, Soh & Tan Enterprises is a one-stop solution for the maintenance of landscape services. Throughout the years, the company has grown immensely with mere staff strength of 2 to over 100 employees today. It has achieved more than 2 decades of outstanding records and accolades in its trade. Soh & Tan specialises in a wide range of horticultural activities, advisory services, grass cutting, tree pruning, gardening, garden cleaning as well as engineering and renovation works. In year 2000, Soh & Tan took on the project of converting an empty land into constructing buildings related to horticulture in its place.

Soh & Tan engages in Corporate Social Responsibility to ensure that the company is actively in compliance with the law, ethical standards and moral responsibility.

This aims to embrace the response for the company’s actions in order to enhance a positive impact through its landscaping activities. Soh & Tan has made generous contributions to the following associations:

  •      The British Royal Navy – ($1,000)
  •      Singapore American School – ($2,000)

These donations made have since forged a beneficial impact to assist these associations in taking a further step towards excelling.

The maintenance of the landscape and turf includes various methods of proper planting, fertilising, mowing, top dressing and conditioning. Soh & Tan ensures that they do not exceed the use of harmful fungicides that will affect the healthiness of the turf and landscape.

Soh & Tan practices a functional and analytical method to control the process of tree care and pruning. This is to ensure that they present to their clientele the most effective results.

Soh & Tan adopts a diversified and functional way of output by reflecting the importance of nature, wildlife and conservation of landscape.

The culture of important horticulture is evidently portrayed in their work.

Soh & Tan is the proud winner of the Asia Green Business Awards 2015/16. In 2014, it is also the Built Environment Industry winner, where its green landscaping efforts in Singapore were recognised.

In 1995, under the tutelage and leadership of John Tan, Soh & Tan hit their million sales turnovers and their Company became Private Limited. In the year 2000, John managed to acquire an empty land that he constructed buildings and structures related to horticulture and his scope of business.

In the future, Soh & Tan hopes to make Singapore a sustainable and green environment to live in by striving to push Reforestation efforts and other green initiatives. They aspire to be a leader in the horticultural communities in Singapore to promote green initiatives.