The brand, SINTEX, is derived from the words “Singapore Textiles”. It is a well-trusted brand in Singapore since 1970 for a whole range of high quality bed-linen and bedding products, such as bed sheets, quilt covers, pillow cases, quilt, mattress protectors etc.

Today, SINTEX remains a leading household brand for bed-linen products. We are constantly striving to give our customers superior quality products at affordable prices.

With a solid history and background known for excellence and superiority of its range of products, SINTEX is associated with beautiful and well-crafted designs, as well as innovative materials.

SINTEX makes your home luxurious.

We at SINTEX are fully committed to deliver products of outstanding quality and variety, dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Our ability to be innovative ensures that we always exceed our customers’ expectations.

We believe in giving our customers an enduring experience when they use our products. We have grown through creativity, invention and innovation, and we impart these qualities in our products. We integrate honesty, integrity and sound business ethics in all aspects of our dedication to serve our customers.

SINTEX has always been a trusted brand and is here to stay.

We use environmentally and eco-friendly materials, such as Coffee-Bean fibers and Cool fabrics, and we provide our customers with innovative solutions for their household needs.

For our health conscious customers, we have organically dyed and sanitised bed-linen products.

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