RUBATO is a produce-driven Italian restaurant that is known among the most discerning gourmets as the go-to venue for dishes that can recapture and recreate the magic of Italy.

RUBATO’s aim is to bring 5 star dining experiences to the residential enclave. The restaurant features a specially designed show kitchen so that diners can experience the chefs at work.

RUBATO has a wide array of dishes which are on display but they are most known for:

  •      Appetizers
  •      Meat & Fish
  •      Greens
  •      Soups
  •      Risotto
  •      Pasta
  •      Pizza
  •      Sweets

RUBATO also provides private chef services to esteemed clients and events both private and corporate.

RUBATO’s emphasis is on importing difficult-to-source produce that will create a significant change to the quality and longevity of our health.

RUBATO’s signature fish dishes is a single source supply which is wild caught in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand, delivered directly to RUBATO within 2ó days. The boat piloted by Captain Karl Warr uses customised nets that allow undersized fishes to be released without injury, ensuring a sustainable supply. As the fish has neither preservatives nor frozen, extreme freshness is guaranteed.

At RUBATO, diners’ experience is of utmost importance. Chef Marcus hires more staff than necessary for a restaurant of a similar size. RUBATO’s ideology of having more waiting staff is a commitment to their customers to provide them with extra attention and enhanced service quality.

Nestled in the lush residential district of Bukit Timah, RUBATO participates in a variety of community related projects. Most recently, residents of Watten estate were the first to enjoy the tastes of real Italian handmade pizzas at a local community event “ArtsJamming@thePark” organised by the Watten Neighbourhood Committee.

Inspired by tempo rubato in classical music, the name RUBATO references the expressive and rhythmic freedom to shift away from strict time and have a timeless experience. On a weekly basis, RUBATO adds new variations to its culinary offerings whilst only retaining the signature dishes.

At RUBATO, we are here to concoct an experience that celebrates the redemption of lost time. To step away from the ordinary and immerse yourself in the extraordinary. Away from the mundane drudgery of every day work-life, into the inspired realm where time stands still and everything is possible.