LGM’s brand values are Responsibility, Knowledge, Curiosity, Passion and Challenging Spirit. Our mission is to find technologies that have the ability to change the way we design and operate buildings to make them more energy efficient and sustainable. To do this we rely on a relentless curiosity to find and understand new technologies from around the world and see how they can be implemented in Asia.

LGM’s lead product is fabric ducting. Since introducing the technology to Singapore in 2009, LGM has supplied over 150 installations and has supported contractors to deliver projects ranging from large-scale commercial buildings and warehouses to offices and even individual meeting rooms. As the leader in this field, LGM has also been instrumental in ensuring fabric ducting adheres to the local fire certification requirements and was part of the working group that developed the technical reference for the technology.

As an ambassador for green building technology, LGM has been asked to speak at numerous conferences such as HVAC Asia and BuildTech Asia. In addition to this LGM has supported numerous organisations by providing the technical training required to implement innovative technologies and has developed a network of contractors throughout South East Asia to provide installation services as well as after sales and maintenance services.

The key to LGM’s success lies in their ability to mix sound engineering principles with out-of-the- box thinking. To achieve this the team is made up of senior engineers with decades of construction and ACMV experience, as well as creative marketing executives who demand more innovative solutions to existing challenges.


“Let’s be different”

Let’s explore and discover. Let’s respect the past but constantly challenge it.

Let’s ask crazy questions and solve puzzles. Let’s be idealistic and practical at the same time.

Let’s take on the status quo and test new ideas. Let’s take some risks.

Let’s hire people with passion and empower them to achieve more than we ever could.

Let’s share. Let’s be humble. Let’s protect our creativity instead of our egos.

Let’s fix problems instead of finding others to blame. Let’s take responsibility.

Let’s learn and become experts. Let’s never drop the ball but always pick it up.

Let’s have a problem with “the way things are” and “just because”.

Let’s be creative. Let’s evolve. Let’s inspire.

Let’s be LGM.