Kaer’s brand values are Responsibility, Practicality, Imagination, Innovation and Pioneering. These values guide everything we do and act as a checklist as we develop customised solutions for our clients. We start with responsibility and practicality. As an engineering firm, we pride ourselves on delivering robust solutions with gold-class reliability. Once we have achieved this, we then push ourselves to imagine innovative ways to improve our solutions. Lastly we partner with our clients to turn these new ideas into action. It is this last value of pioneering which is most important and requires a strong partnership with our clients.

Kaer Air is a unique solution, which has been globally recognised as a breakthrough “product as a service” business model that will drive significant change in the industry.

Kaer builds, owns, operates, and is responsible for all of the capex and opex required to run the air-conditioning system. In providing this service, the building owner is spared capital investment for purchasing, upgrading, or repairing equipment, and allows our clients to focus on their core business, knowing that a trusted professional is ensuring the performance and efficiency of their comfort system.

Kaer is a one-stop shop for designing, building and operating the most reliable and energy efficient air-conditioning systems in Asia. To deliver on this promise, Kaer relies on a diverse group of passionate engineers, Green Mark managers, project managers and software developers. Although our team comes from a wide variety of disciplines, we have a common attitude. We are not satisfied with the status quo and are always looking for ways to do things differently

Kaer was the pioneer of the green building industry back in the early 90’s when energy efficiency and sustainability was unheard of. After delivering the first energy audit and certifying the first “Green” buildings in Asia, Kaer became a founding member of the Singapore Green building Council and developed technology and business models that have now become industry standards. Kaer has received Business Excellence awards from the Australian and British Chambers of Commerce, and their most recent acknowledgement comes from a Business and Sustainable Development Commission report highlighting breakthrough business models from around the globe.

“Always ask “why” or “why not” On the surface we may look like your run-of-the-mill friendly ESCO. You see the track record, the client list and the case studies. But what you don’t see is our dedication to “why” and “why not”. That is something you cannot see or touch or measure. That is what makes us different. We believe in constant progress. Relentless, unapologetic, real-time progress. And we believe the only way to achieve this is through asking “why” and “why not”.