Drummond was conceived in December 1978 when its founder, Mr Goh just decided overnight to give up his comfortable job and lifestyle offshore and return to his homeland Singapore. His only reason then was his pure intention to ensure he raised his young family to embrace the culture, traditions, beliefs and values inherent as a Chinese Singaporean.

Certified as an ISO-9001 accredited company, Drummond consistently delivers high quality Standard of works, with reliability and accountability, at the fastest quick turn-around time than industry standards – all without compromise to quality. Drummond prides itself as the trusted choice of print solutions provider. Drummond never ceases to take on any challenge to constantly create, innovate and apply the latest cutting-edge of print technology across their product target segments always with the ultimate objective to create extra ordinary extremely satisfied clients.

Drummond exudes certain personality traits both internally and externally to create brand awareness, brand influence, brand persistence and brand insistence. These personality traits that Drummond associates itself with are as follows:

  •      Helpful
  •      Pleasant
  •      Trustful
  •      Steady
  •      Prompt
  •      Efficient
  •      Approachable

This personality blue print differentiates Drummond from its competitors as the brand name will be able to create authority, accountability, accuracy and ability appealing to the way that Drummond carries out its business within the print industry.


  •      Clap banner
  •      Race medal
  •      Video brochure
  •      Event display system


  •      Brand Design
  •      Web Design & Development
  •      Printing Services
  •      Event management
  •      Variable Data management
  •      Corporate stationery
  •      Lettershopping and fulfilment

Drummond is led by a team of dedicated printing and design professionals who possess decades of experience in this industry. Damien Goh, Managing Director of Drummond holds the highest authority in the company’s operations and decision-making. He is chiefly responsible for the company’s strategic direction, and ensures that its mission and objectives are met.

The Founder and CEO of Drummond, Goh Chong Sing, has more than 37 years of extensive experience in the printing industry. He has effectively managed the company and expanded its business into various printing and design services.

Chew Guo Quan, General Manager, oversees the company’s daily operations, including the IT and HR department. He maintains and improves the IT and security systems, assists in the day-to-day decision-making and in steering the company’s direction towards achieving its business goals.

We provide more than just print products; we capture your imagination and transform them into pieces preserved in ink.