Deskera is an award-winning Enterprise Software provider and the leading cloud-based business software provider in South-East Asia. It commands 2.6% of revenue share in the Singaporean and Malaysian markets.

Today, its Cloud powers more than 3,000 SMEs and businesses globally through its network of reseller partners and direct channels. Headquartered in Singapore, it has offices in India, Malaysia, and Indonesia with a presence in the rest of South-East Asia. It is continuously expanding with its recent set up in Australia.

It focuses on configuring its products in such a way so as to meet the requirements of customers and industries of all sizes. Its solutions are devised to cater to the burgeoning scale of the customer base. It is an enabler in the trend towards Cloud and automation.

Deskera’s business software suite gives its customers a competitive advantage by increasing their operational efficiency and streamlining their processes. From Financials, Inventory and Customer Service to Payroll, Recruitment and Projects, Deskera’s Integrated Suite of Cloud-based ERP, MRP, CRM, PM and HRMS takes the hassle out of the day-to-day business functions.

From book keeping to financial reports, from sales to customer service, from running your payroll to recruitment, and from projects to inventory management, Deskera is an integrated business software suite that helps you manage your business. Its software helps its clients achieve an end-to-end view across their business as well as manage and optimise operations and resources to improve efficiency.

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Deskera intends to expand regional sales capabilities to complement direct sales efforts. Their key focus is to develop a regional sales structure to target Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia companies.

Apart from developing their sales initiatives, they also plan to continue building Deskera locally as well as globally. Brand recognition outside Singapore and Malaysia can be enhanced to enable them to compete with more established companies.

Deskera has over eight years of experience in the industry, nine office locations and over a hundred and fifty employees worldwide. It serves more than 3,000 clients globally via its cloudbased, integrated ERP software.