We all deserve to enjoy life, move freely and choose what we do. Life should be about doing the things we love most; with the people we love most. Without limits, compromises, pain or suffering.

Founder Dr Gary Tho, an ex-Australian Badminton Player, has missed out on life once. A knee injury and a bad back meant that he was depressed, unable to work, sit or sleep painlessly. Worst of all, he was unable to care for and play with his 18-month-old daughter.

Having seen how injuries and pain have cost championships, ruined holidays, broken relationships and stolen peoples’ spark for life, Dr Tho created ChiroWorks and a simple 4-step methodology that delivers more than pain relief. Feel young again; do what you love; be the best that you can be.

ChiroWorks specialises in pain relief and peak performance. We offer natural, safe and effective treatment of common conditions like neck and back pain, shoulder, hip and knee pains, joint sprains and muscle injuries. We can also help with chronic conditions like slipped disc (disc protrusions), arthritis, degeneration,  bone spurs and sports injuries.

For those who want to address the root cause of the injury, we go through four steps.

  1. Diagnose and ind the problem
  1. Heal the body
  1. Positive Reinforcement
  1. Check up and Live Great.

ChiroWorks also creates and delivers corporate health and wellness programs to transform an organisation’s beliefs, habits and culture. The result is improved employee health and wellbeing, employee engagement, job satisfaction, work-life-health integration and increasing assets: enhanced human capital.

Dr Gary Tho is the founder and principal chiropractor at Chiropractic Works, specialising in pain relief and peak performance. His clients include world champion athletes, executives, artists and busy mums – people who want and need their body to keep up with their every day lifestyle. For almost 10 years, he’s helped thousands of people recover from acute and chronic aches, pains and sports injuries.

Dr Gary Tho is also an author and speaker. As a speaker, Dr Gary has presented over 600 health talks, workshops and workplace assessments for corporations and associations like Barclays, JP Morgan, IBM, ESPN, NLB and Ministry of Home Affairs. His book, The Pain-Free Desk Warrior, Free yourself from aches and pains, is the modern pocketbook for those stuck at their desk for more than 2 hours a day. This book highlights blindspots that limit our health and offer simple solutions that create massive benefits.

Seven, our Operations manager, used to think that pain is normal and an inevitable part of life. Since working with ChiroWorks, she’s realised that we are in control of our own wellbeing and can empower others to live the life they want too.

Sheila, our Chiropractic Assistant, assists with additional therapies and teaches various stretching, strengthening and rehabilitation exercises. She believes that health doesn’t come in a pill, and we can all build health naturally.

Stanley, our remedial massage therapist believes that exercising and working out and a great massage makes life wonderful.

For every new client we see, almost 2 years worth of access to education will be given to kids in Africa, India and Cambodia.