AROX Singapore Pte Ltd was started in 1987. The company began small – it marketed kitchen, galley and laundry equipment to ship owners, shipyards, and commercial kitchens. It was first run by only two members of staff: chiefly Mr Tay Kim Ann and Ms Lim Yok Ley, who are now the Managing and Executive Directors respectively. The initial annual turnover was meagre for a company of huge potential – a mere S$300,000.

However, twenty-five years on with its growing success, AROX has expanded. It grew out of its first headquarters, a small office on Lavender Street and now establishes its base in a four-storey building in Kaki Bukit, where the office and warehouse share premises. To date, it has staff strength of 25. AROX is an OEM manufacturer and distributor of commercial kitchen, galley and laundry equipment. It has been successfully providing exceptional solutions over 25 years in many parts of the region.

Its vast experience in the marine and HORECA industries has made AROX experts in not only the provision of equipment for kitchens, galleys and laundry rooms, but in offering effective consultation for first time owners setting up their own commercial kitchens too.

AROX specialises in:

  •      Design Assistance
  •      Equipment Procurement
  •      Custom Fabrication
  •      Stockist
  •      User Training
  •      Servicing

AROX Singapore actively seeks out new clients. It currently has stronger awareness, presence and higher sales of the AROX brand in the following regions: China, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand.

AROX plans to assist its agents by establishing four branch offices to sell commercial kitchen and laundry equipment to shipbuilders, ship owners and ship-chandlers in China, Malaysia and Vietnam.

AROX plans to be widely involved in the local hospitality and F&B industries by actively advertising its products to hoteliers, restaurateurs and café owners. It is especially interested in companies that have the intention to expand overseas so it can concurrently support their expansion and ride on their success.

At AROX Singapore, employees are seen as the foundation and the contribution of each and every member to the success of the company is highly valued. AROX Singapore treats everyone as family and organises monthly birthday celebrations, a few times a year for get together company dinners and biannual company trips for its employees.