Judging Requirements

Effective branding means communicating your unique value proposition to your stakeholders clearly and differentiates your brand from competitors. Interested nominees will be able to choose one out of the two options listed below to showcase their Brand to the panel of judges. 

Option 1 (Presentation)

1.     Meet the Panel of Distinguished Judges for a discussion on the Brand Journey.
Provide your Company’s Website URL to the Secretariat office along with a hardcopy of the following materials:-

a)     Marketing collaterals including brochures, product packaging, print, mobile or social media marketing materials and name cards.

b)     Information on events and conferences that your Company participates in or sponsors.

c)     Recent 2 years of Audited Financials and/or Management Accounts.

d)     Corporate Logo and Brand Writeup

Option 2 (Submission)
1. Create a submission kit based on:

a)     Brand Identity
• Brand Vision & Mission
• Brand Promise
• Brand proposition

b)     Brand Strategy
• Brand Positioning
• Marketing Channels and Platforms
• Brand Performance Evaluation

c)     Communications
• Effectiveness of communications to:
i) Internal Stakeholders
ii) External Stakeholder

2.     Provide your Company’s recent 2 years of Audited Financials and/or Management Accounts..

Nominations for AEBA 2018 is now open.
To find out more, contact us at:- secretariat@ptlgroup.com.sg or 6841 0826

Download AEBA 2018 Nomination Form & Brochure