Judging Process

1.    The judging panel comprises a minimum of three members.

2.    Whenever feasible, two or more members of the same commercial establishment would not be assigned to the same panel session, unless when judging by committee, as a whole.

3.    Each judge shall independently score the entry.

4.    When scoring is completed, the Chair of that session shall calculate the average score based on all scores submitted; no scores shall be deleted.

5.    If any score is unduly out of line the judges may discuss the factors involved, and any judge may adjust their score in the light of further reflection.

6.    If the difference between individual scores, for the same applicant, exceeds ten points (e.g., the difference between 87 and 77 points is ten points, each judge shall be asked to rescore the entry.

7.    If the individual scores still exceed a difference of ten points, the Chair of the Panel of Judges shall consult with the Management of AEBA Secretariat, and after doing so, at the sole discretion of the Chair, may cast a final vote on the scores, to reduce the margin of ten points, as may be necessary.

8.    Awards will be held in a provisional status until formal confirmation by the Panel of Judges is made on a future date as determined by the AEBA Secretariat. Once an award has been cleared it will be allowed to stand, except in cases of official legal subsequent name changes resulting from the applicant’s organisation due to buy-overs or investors, for example.

9.    An application must be judged as it is when the Panel of Judges sees it, and not what it may be tomorrow, or revised after the final judging process is completed.

10.    More than one award, may be given to an applicant, by the Panel of Judges.  However, it is up to the applicant to select all or any on of the two or more awards that the applicant has qualified for.

11.    The decisions of the Panel of Judges shall be final.

Nominations for AEBA 2018 is now open.
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