Judging Criteria


The preliminary stage of evaluation is conducted by the Asia Enterprise BRAND Awards Secretariat Office based on the substantiality of the company’s profile – its website, that is inclusive of the navigation, content, functionality and overall experience. Submissions will be assessed by a panel of distinguished Judges alongside the Secretariat Office based on their qualifying criteria. Points are then allocated and tabulated accordingly from the documents submitted and reflected in the judging criteria. When necessary, on the basis of requests by the Panel of Judges who wish to meet the nominees, to evaluate further, they may require the companies to attend a meeting for a verbal and/or audio-visual presentations of their submissions.  Evaluation of companies will be performed by our panel of distinguished Judges based on the following criteria:


 4 criteria include Brand, Communications, Creativity and Corporate Values

The panel of distinguished Judges will evaluate and recommend recipients for each Award category based on their qualifying criteria. The nominees are then assigned to the most relevant category. The Asia Enterprise BRAND Awards is engineered as a merit-based Award where the number of Awards conferred in any given year may vary and is not limited by the respective Award category.

Nominations for AEBA 2018 is now open.
To find out more, contact us at:- secretariat@ptlgroup.com.sg or 6841 0826

Download AEBA 2018 Nomination Form & Brochure