Asia Enterprise Brand Awards (AEBA) FAQs

What is the AEBA?
AEBA is a premier awards platform that aims to recognise successful local and foreign brands by recognizing and rewarding their excellent branding and marketing decisions. AEBA aims to provide a platform to empower brands to achieve greater credibility, visibility that will retain talent, customer loyalty and lasting businesses in this increasingly competitive environment.
What are the eligibility criteria for the AEBA?

There are five types of awards that require different criteria for nomination.

1. Brand Innovator Award

The Brand Innovator is one who has applied methods for Strategic Change to an offering’s features and/or benefits to create new, uncontested market space. The awardee displays innovative yet effective branding strategies that have propelled themselves as a recognized brand name in the market. The award gives recognition to brands for their ingenuity and creativity in making a name for themselves.

2. Brand Leader Award

The awardee should be in the market for at least ten (10) years and should have a presence outside their country of origin. The awardee should have a strong market presence within their country of origin and ideally have a recognized brand name in its international branches. The award gives recognition to well-established brands that have displayed considerable success and noteworthy credentials in their respective fields.

3. Green Brand Award

Green brands are those that make sustainable contributions to the environment. They are committed to conservation of natural resources, and the preservation and balance of nature. The awardee should provide products or services that are more environmentally friendly than the standards set for its industry. This award aims to recognize and alleviate companies that are dedicated to being Green as well as for their corporate efforts in bringing a more positive impact to the environment.

4. Brand of the Year Award

The Brand of the Year is conferred to a company that has clearly demonstrated that it has built and maintained a solid brand reputation and following amongst its consumers/clients. The awardee should have a minimum of $500 million in turnover and have their brand presence in five or more countries in the Asia region. This award recognizes international brand champions who have their brand accepted, revered and well established as the brand of choice in their industry.

5. Brand Morphosis Award

This award seeks to bestow recognition to brands that have taken the next strategic steps towards marketing and expanding their respective businesses. A brand that is able to effectively communicate its corporate, product or services brand identity to its consumers and/or public is commendable. Therefore, the award in according recognition, serves also as an encouragement to the awardee that it is on the right track to pushing the business frontier to the next level.

Who is PTL Group?
PTLe Group is a corporate branding enterprise, established to support business and entrepreneurs in their journey towards achieving long term success in today’s competitive marketplace. We manage each step of the branding process from conceptualization to strategic marketing to take your business to the next level locally and regionally.

Combining astute project management, effective media and publicity, strong diplomatic relations and extensive regional connections, PTL Group specializes in a unique blend of accelerated marketing technique that leverages on unconventional branding and marketing techniques that leverages on unconventional branding and marketing strategies to speed up business growth and attain greater visibility within a quicker time span.

Aimed at enhancing business success, PTL Group operates an awards platform that drives business excellence, nurtures entrepreneurs and empowers them to:

– Enhance Business relationships; – Create brand value and differentiation; – Expand regionally; – Increase media exposure; and – Achieve financial growth

To date, we have played critical roles in launch and successful organization of the Built Environment Industry (BEI) awards and the BEI Asia Awards (

PTL Group works closely with enterprises to create sustainable brand value and raise their profiles in the eyes of their customers, clients and partners.
Who can submit nominations for considerations?
Any company can be nominated by anyone connection with the company such as customers, suppliers, and employees.
Can I nominate a foreign brand to join the Award?
Yes, a unique aspect of this Award is that AEBA accepts both local and international Brands with a market presence in Singapore.
Who is eligible for the Award?
Both local and foreign Brands with a presence in Singapore that has been established for more than 1 year can participate in this Award.
Do I have to pay a fee to participate in the AEBA?
Yes. There is a one-time nomination fee of SGD321 levied for administrative purposes.
What do I need to do to join the Award?
Step 1: Email/send the nomination form and administration fee charges to the AEBA Secretariat Step 2: Prepare the necessary materials for the judging session Step 3: Once the brand has been notified of their win, the publicity briefing and corporate photoshoot will be scheduled Step 4: All winners will receive their trophy at the Awards Ceremony and Gala Event in December Of course, you may also contact the AEBA secretariat to find out more!
How do I submit my nomination?
The official nomination forms can be sent to us at or faxed to us at +65 6841 0826. All remaining documents should be submitted in either of the options to:


Asia Enterprises Brand Awards Secretariat Office:

Eunos Techpark 60 Kaki Bukit Place, Lobby B #04-06 Singapore 415979

Will the information provided in the nomination form be kept confidential?
Yes, all personnel handling nomination documents including judges, awards secretariat members and organizers are required to sign non-disclosure agreements. Information pertaining to the nominees will be used for AEBA purposes only and will not be disclosed to external parties without prior approval of the nominee.


However, once a nominee is declared a winner of ABEA, the secretariat reserves the right to use each nominees name, photograph, profile and other information previously submitted in media and publicity activities.

How many Brands will be selected as a Winner?
There are no limitation to the number of winners for the Award, as it would depend on the quality of the submission and the judges scoring based on the Judging sessions.
Who can I contact for more information?

For any enquiries, please contact Asia Enterprise Brands Awards Secretariat Office at


Eunos Techpark 60 Kaki Bukit Place, Lobby B #04-06 Singapore 415979

Nomination Hotline: +65 6841 0826 Fax: +65 6841 0864 Email:

Nominations for AEBA 2018 is now open.
To find out more, contact us at:- or 6841 0826

Download AEBA 2018 Nomination Form & Brochure