Asia Enterprise BRAND Awards (AEBA)

Widespread knowledge, market performances and business experiences have combined together, for companies these days, to know there is such a thing as the “Brand” and “Branding”.  Gone are the days when one had to extol the 10 reasons as to why companies need to know about brands and why branding is important.  The bottom line is clearly all about succeeding and sustaining in the highly competitive marketplace. Therefore, these days it is not enough for companies to be content with just knowing what brands can do for them. Brands now need to be at the cutting edge of value creation and become vigorous innovation drivers.

Brand innovation moulds your brand into a powerful, progressive and creative generator of new forms of durable brand values that are purpose driven to reshape/create markets and enhances these core value connections between your company and customers

The prestigious Asia Enterprise BRAND Awards (AEBA) emerges from the need to identify, recognise and reward excellent branding and marketing initiatives, processes and efforts by enterprises as they seek to grow their businesses. It is a premier awards platform in Asia that aims to spotlight and raise the profile of successful sterling local and foreign brands as well as accelerate the growth of up-and-coming brands in the region.

AEBA aims to provide an Asia wide platform to empower well-respected brands, whether for corporate, products or services, to achieve greater credibility, visibility, and ultimately retain talent, customer loyalty and sustainable businesses. The Awards will also empower recognised and/or growing brands to stand out and triumph in an increasingly competitive business environment.


Nominations for AEBA 2018 is now open.
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